Introduction to Morgan's Wings

25 April 2020

A brief welcome to our channel and details of what is to come on this channel in the future.

Jude's miscarriage story

16 May 2020

Morgan's Wings founder Jude tells the story of her miscarriage.

The parable of the two arrows and how it can help you cope after miscarriage

29 June 2020

Geoff, co-founder of Morgan's Wings, gives a brief description of the parable of the two arrows and how it can relate to your reaction to traumatic events in your life.

Dealing with negative thoughts after miscarriage

18 July 2020

How many of us are guilty of having those automatic negative thoughts (the acronym for this is ANTs – and how annoying are ANTs)?  Here are some ways of dealing with those annoying ANTs.

The different types of support available after a miscarriage

22 August 2020

You may be wondering what support is available following a miscarriage. Here are some details of different types of support that may be available to you.

Baby Loss Awareness Week October 2020

9 October 2020

Jude talks about Baby Loss Awareness Week October 2020 and how you can get involved

Commemorating your baby

9 October 2020

As part of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020, Jude talks about the different ways you can commemorate your baby